Cembrit Cover

Non-through colored


Fire protection class
A2 - s1, d0

8x1192x2500 mm
8x1250x2530 mm
8x1250x3070 mm

Frami F

Hotel Indigo - Helsinki

ЖД на Беговой - Москва

ДОУ в Бескудниково - Москва

Доу на ул. Маршала Тухачевского - Москва

Школа в Первом московском городе - парке

Школа на ул. Басовская - Москва

Школа на ул. Большая Набережная - Москва

Åkershagan Avlastningssenter - Stange, Hedmark

Tomset Terrasse - Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag

Polaris - Höganäs

Parkrinkens förskola - Skogsberg

Entré A6 Center - Jönköping

Okhta Mall, Saint-Petersburg

Falkenborgveien, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag

Finnsjöns Vattenverk - Härryda

Claesborgs Förskola - Skövde

myOffice - Örebro

Liljekonvaljen, fasadrenovering - Habo

Kauppakeskus Okhta Mall, Pietari


Product No. Through colored Fire protection class Thickness Width Length
43020072 No A2 - s1, d0 8 mm 1192 mm 2500 mm
43020073 No A2 - s1, d0 8 mm 1250 mm 2530 mm
43020075 No A2 - s1, d0 8 mm 1250 mm 3070 mm


Cembrit Cover Datasheet


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Facade products


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