Smooth on the outside. Tough on the inside.

With a sandblasted, stone-effect surface finish, Cembrit Patina Rough will add an attractive and characteristic expression to the building design.

Unique, rough yet calm, Cembrit Patina Rough adds a lot of character and depth enhancing the overall texture of the building. The facade boards from Cembrit Patina design line can be combined and used on building to highlight certain parts of the building or create an interesting interplay.

Special product characteristics:
• Smooth stone-effect finish
• Eroded surface as if formed by nature
• Multiple design options in combination with other products from the Cembrit Patina design line

Choose color:

Cembrit Patina Rough

Through colored


Fire protection class
A2 - s1, d0

8x1192x2500 mm
8x1192x3050 mm
8x1250x2500 mm
8x1250x3050 mm

Cembrit Patina design line - Inspiration brochure


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Facade products


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