Colored by the way you think

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Cembrit Cover

Cembrit Cover is the ideal solution if you prefer the strongest colors and bolder design statements. The natural grey fiber cement core is completely covered by a layer of water-based acrylic paint, with 26 standard Cembrit colors and more than 2000 NCS®© colors to choose from.


Cembrit Patina

Cembrit Patina has a natural, textured surface. You can see the fiber and natural characteristics of the raw materials, and you can see and feel the sanding lines on the surface. As the seasons change and the years pass, the natural aging of the fiber cement leaves subtle traces on the surface, and the facade will gradually acquire a distinctive patina. The variations in the colors of the board will create a facade richly evocative of history and life.


Cembrit Solid

The special thing about Cembrit Solid boards is that they’re the same color all the way through. Each of the core colors is matched with a full-coverage painted surface in vibrant yet resilient colors. This means if you choose Cembrit Solid boards to provide a facade with a particular color, every board will feature that color on every surface and edge, and with the same color on the edges of any cut-outs or drilled holes.


Cembrit Transparent

Cembrit Transparent facade boards combine the textured nuances and natural characteristics of the base board with a long lasting performance of the transparent top coat. The color added to the fiber cement reveals and highlights the fibers and other raw materials that provide its strength and character. The extremely durable transparent coating then protects the board and ensures a smooth surface with a long service life.