Cembrit Construction

Cembrit Construction is an untreated fiber cement board that allows the authentic appearance of the rough fiber cement to stand out. In nature, Cembrit Construction is a building board which can be installed for facade purposes, when a natural and rough expression is desired. Cembrit Construction is a natural material and variations may occur in the individual boards and from board to board, adding a lively expression to your facade. Cembrit Construction is a high quality fiber cement building board used as both a building board as well as a part of a ventilated facade solution.

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Cembrit Construction


Fire protection class
A2 - s1, d0 / A2- s2, d0

4x1218x3050 mm
6x1200x2500 mm
8x1192x3050 mm
8x1200x2500 mm
10x1200x3050 mm

Cembrit Construction Datasheet


MSDS Cembrit Construction


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_BREEAM NOR_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_DGNB DK_Facade products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Build and Indoor products


Cembrit Fact sheet_LEED International_Facade products


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