Helping you build better

Cembrit is one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-capability fiber cement building products. Our products and solutions add exciting new design opportunities for moulding attractive, durable settings for people’s lives.

But Cembrit is more than mere products. We also help make all kinds of design and construction projects easier – as well as more profitable, inspiring and effective.

And for us, all construction also involves building relations with people, making your day better, and helping you make the day better for others. 

Making it a day to remember.

We sell know-how

Without the backup of know-how a product is nothing. What we really sell is Cembrit know-how – how to help you achieve more by using fiber cement products. To benefit your business, and to keep your clients – and their clients, tenants and users – happy.

We make our know-how freely available – and free of charge – to our customers.

From product to process

The days of “dumb” building products, hit-and-miss deliveries and cluttered, chaotic construction sites are long gone. Or should be.

And they are – or soon will be – all seamlessly linked in a cost effective, digitally managed design and construction flow configured to provide the exact, as-specified product delivered on site at a pre-arranged place and time, packaged in factory-customised, ready-for-installation sequence.

Manufactured for you

Traditional manufacturing thinking derives many of its benefits from the combination of a one-size-(hopefully)-fits-all approach and the resulting economies of scale.

Cembrit plants, on the other hand, are designed and configured to provide next-generation manufacturing capabilities – combining economies of scale with the individual customisation and variation opportunities resulting from digitally controlled machinery setups.

The headquarters

Cembrit Group headquarters are in located Aalborg, Denmark, where all administration and R&D activities are located. Our customer service and technical support activities are decentralised to each of our national markets.